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Need to relax and unwind? Or perhaps you're looking for more energy or flexibility? Zen Shiatsu could be just what you need.
There's no mystery to Shiatsu. It's a holistic therapy that combines Japanese massage and acupressure with a little oriental medical philosophy thrown in. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and regular sessions help to prevent the build-up of stress your daily life. It maintains and restores health and is also an effective preventative therapy.

Shiatsu Benefits: relaxation & stress relief; improved health & wellbeing for all ages; less illness in your life; improved life management strategies.
Shiatsu is effectively used for the treatment and prevention of a variety of conditions including:
• Asthma and respiratory illnesses
• Back & joint pain and RSI
• Digestive disorders (inc. constipation, irritable bowel syndrome)
• Pregnancy & menstrual issues
• Headaches & migraines
• Insomnia & fatigue
• Muscle tension
• Sports injuries
• Stress, anxiety & depression
• … and other acute and chronic disorders
Know you could feel better? Not sure what the problem is? Well, with Shiatsu, you don't need to KNOW what the problem is before you can start working on it! Your diagnosis will determine the treatment which could affect anything from your appetite to your sleep.
Participating Health Fund rebates available
The next step is yours. Experience safe, personalised, holistic health care in a caring and relaxing environment. Make time for your health and wellbeing! Call Zenso today on 0411 104 044.


ZEN SHIATSU THERAPY - 90 minutes Shiatsu massage is a safe, effective, holistic therapy for people of all ages. It's both a physical and an energetic therapy, using fingers, knuckles, thumbs, hands, elbows, knees, feet and awareness. Shiatsu activates and supports your body’s natural energy flow, clearing blocked pathways, improving circulation and allowing healing to begin. "A TOUCH OF SHIATSU" Curious about Shiatsu but not ready to "jump in at the deep end". Try "A Touch of Shiatsu". This is a relaxing 20 minute head, neck, hand and foot massage - a shiatsu sampler. You remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. CORPORATE SHIATSU Option 1 - A relaxing 15 minute session covering neck & shoulders. Option 2 - A more thorough 20-25 minute session covering cover the head, neck, back and arms. GIFT CERTIFICATES also available


Monday - Saturday (By appointment)

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